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Rules of Practice and Procedure


The Administrative Tribunals Act (section 11) allows the HAB to establish rules respecting practice and procedure to facilitate the just and timely resolution of matters before it.

As any changes to the rules respecting the practices and procedures for the Hospital Appeal Board are made, they will be posted to this page. These rules of practice and procedure are to be followed during the appeal process. Any question of procedure that arises during a hearing and is not provided for in these rules will be decided by the Panel Chair .

These rules may be amended from time to time and as required by the Hospital Appeal Board.

Hospital Appeal Board Rules ( PDF 78Kb)


These are the forms referred to in the HAB Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Form 1 [Rule 4(2)]  --  List of Documents of a Party ( PDF 29Kb)

Form 2 [Rule 11(3)]  --  Summons to a Witness ( PDF 29Kb)