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Reasons for Decision 2005-present

Section 50(4) of the Administrative Tribunal Act requires that the HAB make its decisions accessible to the public.

Below are links to final decisions of the HAB between 2005 to the present.

View the Board’s Decision Publication Policy ( PDF 28Kb).

The official version of the HAB decision is the signed original in the Board’s files. If there is a discrepancy between a decision on this web site and the official version, the official version is authoritative.

Note: These decisions have been converted to PDF. Any error in these decisions will be corrected as identified.

Katherine Puchala v. Northern Health Authority HAB-HA-20-A001(c) March 16, 2022
Dr. Andrew Campbell v. Provincial Health Services Authority 2018-HA-002(f) August 20, 2020
Dr. Stephen Todd Sorokan v. Fraser Health Authority 2014-HA-002(b) December 19, 2017
Dr. Michael Figurski v. Interior Health Authority 2015-HA-001(a) January 9, 2017
Dr. David Kates v. Interior Health Authority 2015-HA-002(f) December 5, 2016
Dr. Michael Butler v. Vancouver Coastal Health Authority 2015-HA-003(b)
September 29, 2016
Dr. Randy Walker v. Fraser Health Authority 2013-HA-003(a) June 9, 2014
Dr. Tracy Hicks v. Fraser Health Authority, operating as Peace Arch Hospital   June 17, 2013
Dr. Darren Behn (costs) v. Vancouver Island Health Authority   December 31, 2010
Dr. Darren Behn v. Vancouver Island Health Authority   May 19, 2010
Dr. Y v. Z, a Health Authority   September 28, 2007
Dr. Michal Kaburda v. Fraser Health Authority / Surrey Memorial Hospital   September 23, 2005